How to remove computer viruses from my JetFlash USB Flash drive?

Category : Setup / Operation

All computer viruses including stored files will be erased after JetFlash is formatted. If the computer virus continues to be rewritten to the JetFlash drive, we would recommend you to scan your computer with a virus scanner. Remove the virus once it is found.

To format the JetFlash drive:
Method 1: Right click on the removable storage device in "My Computer", select "Format," and then click the "Start" button. After the formatting process is completed, please disconnect and then reconnect your JetFlash drive to restore it's functionality.
Method 2:
The JetFlash will be formatted to restore to its default settings. Please back up the data stored in the drive before formatting.
(1) Please download the JetFlash Online Recovery tool software from Transcend Download Center.
(2) Decompress the downloaded file to your desktop.
(3) Connect your JetFlash drive to the rear USB port of your computer.
(4) Run the JetFlash Online Recovery tool to format and reset your JetFlash (all the data will be erased).
(5) Disconnect and then reconnect your JetFlash drive to your computer.

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