Why can my JetFlash Drive work on other computers, but not mine?

Category : Setup / Operation
If the JetFlash drive can work properly on other platforms, but not on yours, then the problem probably is with your computer system. You may want to try the following steps to solve this problem:
(1) If you had previously installed any USB driver for other devices, please remove it first. Have your computer enter safe mode before removing all the unknown devices (Device Manager Universal Serial Bus Controllers). Restart your computer in normal mode, and then reconnect the JetFlash drive. 
(2) If the above methods cannot solve your problem, please upgrade the BIOS settings, and make sure that the USB setting is enabled. Please follow the procedures: enter BIOS → Load Optimized Defaults[Y] → Integrated Peripherals → USB Legacy support [Enable] → Save & Exit Setup[Y] 
(3) Reinstall the USB driver on your computer motherboard. 
(4) Update the BIOS for your motherboard.
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