Why is it necessary to regularly format the memory card of my DrivePro dashcam?

Category : Setup / Operation
Regular memory card formatting is recommended because the dashcam continuously writes files to it, which can lead to a disorganized file system. This can result in decreased performance and potential errors during video recording.

For optimal recording performance, we suggest formatting the memory card every quarter. You can do this either through your DrivePro dashcam or the DrivePro App.

1. Formatting the memory card will erase all data stored on it. Please back up your data before formatting. 
2. DrivePro only supports FAT32 file system. If you use a file system other than FAT32 on the memory card, your DrivePro may encounter issues during recording, or the recorded files may become damaged.
3. If the System folder does not appear in the root directory after formatting the memory card, you can place the firmware update file directly in the root directory. When the DrivePro is powered on, it will automatically update the firmware.
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