How do I choose the micro SD card for my DrivePro if I want to purchase another microSD card?

Category : Specification / Capacity / Performance
Because Drivepro driving recorder needs to perform constant and intensive file writing behavior, we strongly recommend that you use high endurance microSD cards or MLC-based memory cards for the DrivePro series to ensure best stability and reliable performance.

In addition to the bundled microSD card, we will recommend Transcend’s High Endurance microSD cards to ensure the best recording performance.
- 16GB/32GB High Endurance microSDHC card (TS16GUSDHC10V / TS32GUSDHC10V)
- 64GB/128GB High Endurance microSDXC card (TS64GUSD350V / TS128GUSD350V / TS64GUSDXC10V)
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