How does the “Parking Mode” function work on the DrivePro dash cam?

Category : Setup / Operation
When the “Parking Mode” function in the “Settings” menu is enabled, DrivePro will automatically enter “Parking mode” after the car engine is switched off.

Under “Parking mode”, DrivePro will be in standby mode; the LCD display will be dimmed and the LED indicator will remain a solid red light. When any motion or collision of the vehicle is detected, DrivePro will automatically record footage of approximately 15 seconds; the display will be turned back on and the LED indicator will flash in red light. The display will be turned off again and the recording will be terminated if no motion or collision is detected after 15 seconds. 
Note: Parking Mode depends on DrivePro’s built-in battery; the operation may drain its built-in battery.  

DrivePro will reboot automatically and resume to “Normal recording” mode when the car engine is switched on again (aka connected to DrivePro power).

If long-term recording under “Parking Mode” is required, please use an external power supply (i.e. Power Bank) that conforms to the voltage and current required by DrivePro. (Note: Transcend’s battery cable does not supply power after the car engine is switched off.)
Operation Method: After connecting the external power supply and booting DrivePro into normal recording mode, please long press the "Power button" manually to turn off DrivePro, it will then enter “Parking Mode”. If you would like to power off the DrivePro then, please long press the power button again.
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