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Transcend Elite

Transcend Elite is advanced software developed for use with Transcend's JetFlash®, StoreJet® , and Portable SSD products. Elite includes powerful user-friendly applications that help users manage data and increase productivity. When paired with Elite, your Transcend storage devices make it easy to keep important files organized, protected, and up-to-date.


Version 3.5

  • Cloud function fixed (Google Drive)
  • Sync function improved


Version 2.3

  • Add Cloud backup for Dropbox & Google Drive


Perform instant backups and scheduled backups. Switch on/off OTB to allow the one-touch backup function.


Restore any point from the backup task list.


Protect files with powerful 256-bit AES encryption.


Decrypt files that had been encrypted by Elite.


Synchronize files in a source folder and a destination folder.

*Windows version only.


Back up files from Google Drive or Dropbox to Transcend's storage device.

*Windows version only.


Lock and unlock the entire portable solid state drive.

*Only works for ESD220C for now (Windows 7 version).

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