My USB3.2 Gen1 device does not perform as expected. Does enabling the UASP protocol help?

Category : Specification / Capacity / Performance

Enabling UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) can indeed increase the performance of USB3.2 Gen1 devices on the premise of the


1. Please ensure that the chipset of your computer supports UASP.

2. Please ensure that the chipset of your USB3.2 Gen1 device and its firmware support UASP.

3. Please ensure that your computer has installed the correct driver.

Windows OS:

- Please download and install the corresponding UASP driver for the OS.

- Windows 8 and later have been installed UASP driver. 

Mac OS:

- Mac OS 10.8 and above support UASP.

- To check if your MacBook supports UASP, 

please go to About This Mac > System Report. 

If you can find IOUSBAttachedSCSI on the Software > Extensions section, your MacBook supports UASP protocol.

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