Why can't my USB3.0 external storage device (e.g. hard disk) work properly with the TS-PDU3?

Category : Setup / Operation

Please check:
1. If you have inserted TS-PDU3 into a PCIe x1 slot (the shortest and normally the black one. Please refer to your motherboard user manual for details).
2. If your computer power supply is properly connected to the four-pin power supply of TS-PDU3.
3. If you have installed the correct TS-PDU3 driver.

* Please note that some USB3.0 external devices might still use the older firmware. This might cause compatibility issues with the newer driver version. To find out which driver version suits you best, we suggest you testing from the oldest version to the latest version (Remember to remove the previous driver version before installing the new version).

For PCIe slot specifications and information, please check with your motherboard manufacturer to see if it supports PCIe v2.0 devices (TS-PDU3 is a PCIe v2.0 device).
If the drivers we provided cannot help, please contact your external device manufacturer to see if they have firmware update for their devices.

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