Can Transcend’s portable HDD be used for TV recording?

Category : Compatibility

1. Please note that since our StoreJet is basically PC-specific, it is not guaranteed that our StoreJet can support TV recording.


2. Before using StoreJet for TV recording, we recommend checking with the TV manufacturer about the following potential limitation:


- Maximum capacity limitation (vary among different TVs)

- Format requirement (NTFS, exFAT, etc.)

- Power requirement (may require external power supply for StoreJet)

- USB port limitation (some USB ports may not be compatible with external HDD)


3. The Time-Shift Machine* and SeeQVault™ functions are not supported.


4. To ensure sufficient power supply, please avoid using USB Hub and extension cables.


*Note: Time-Shift Machine is a recording function installed in several TV models. It can automatically record all or multiple TV programs without prior scheduling.

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