Which camera recording formats do Transcend CFE820 Series support?

Category : Compatibility
First of all, please confirm whether the camera supports CFExpress socket and whether the supported socket version is CFExprss Type B.

Since the recording and compression technologies used by mainstream camera manufacturers are different, please confirm that the camera can support particular formats before purchasing.

The following table indicates the compression, detection number and resolution supported by mainstream manufacturers.

Please note that the 4K, 8K RAW and 120FPS  format are currently not fully supported.

If you require high resolution and FPS usage, we recommend considering CFE860.

CFE820 support recording format
BrandCompression  method Movie Record Size
1920×1080 3840*21604096×21605472×28867680×43208192×4320
PanasonicLong GOPO
O: Compatible
: Compatible with conditions  (Under 120 FPS is compatible)
X: Incompatible
N/A: Not Available
 - : Nikon homemade

*Due to new emerging recording formats from various manufacturers, please note that 4K/8K RAW and 120FPS are not compatible

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