Why can't my phone detect the WiFi of DrivePro 230 after its firmware is updated to Version 1.12?

Category : Setup / Operation
Please try with the following steps below:
1. Please connect DrivePro 230 to your computer, and then download the DP230 firmware package from the link below. The package includes the latest firmware and firmware update instructions.
2. Follow the DrivePro 230 instructions to update the DrivePro 230 firmware. (Note: For the best recording performance, please format your memory card after updating the DrivePro firmware.)
3. Check your DrivePro again.

(1) If you have a microSD card reader, you may also connect your DrivePro 230 memory card to the computer with the card reader. Install the latest firmware of the DrivePro 230 to the memory card, and then run the firmware update.
(2) Formatting will delete all files in the memory card. Please backup your data first.
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