What should I know about the GPS function?

Category : Setup / Operation

1. The GPS antenna is located on the top of the DrivePro. Please make sure that it is installed in the right direction and that there are no factors of interference (e.g., obstructions or metalized window films).

Also note that the reception of GPS signals can be affected by the environment (e.g., buildings, tunnels, bridges, or trees) and by the weather. 

2. For most areas, we recommend using the GPS system. If unable to receive a GPS signal, please try the GLONASS system.

3. After the device is turned on, it takes about 30 seconds for it to search for a GPS signal. Data refresh will take place every 30ns.

4. The GPS data displayed on the DrivePro videos include: coordinates, speed, and elevation above sea level.

5. GPS information will be stored in the video files.

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