Automation technology reduces personnel costs by using control systems to operate machinery or equipment with as low a level of human intervention as possible. Stable and reliable operations are vital, as all processes are done automatically. The current trend for automation is being referred to as Industry 4.0, referring to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It means smart, automated manufacturing processes interconnected with the Internet of Things and cloud computing. For this, data security and management are indispensable.

Reliable untended operations

Where human intervention is removed or minimized, reliability is the critical component for machines to operate smoothly on their own. Temperature control is also important to maintain normal operation. Transcend’s Thermal Sensor allows devices to monitor temperature changes and defend against overheating damage. In addition, Wide Temperature technology allows devices to withstand temperature extremes from -40°C to 85°C, increasing reliability. Conformal Coating technology protects devices from dust, electrical interference, and moisture; Underfill increases protection against thermal and mechanical stress. Transcend’s modules are designed to withstand shocks and vibrations, ensuring robust systems. When power supply is unstable, the Intelligent Power Shield prolongs data write time during a sudden power outage, enhancing data transfer reliability. In harsh factory environments where sulfur is present in high concentrations, Anti-Sulfur Technology prevents sulfur buildup from resulting in abnormal operations.

Assured data security and easy management

When sensitive data is tied into the Internet and cloud computing, data security becomes essential. Transcend’s SSDs equipped with hardware-based AES encryption are compliant with TCG Opal 2.0 Specifications, offering superior data protection and performance. To facilitate management, SSD Scope Pro software is there to help users monitor and manage up to 16 SSDs simultaneously via an intuitive interface, ideal for monitoring, for example, automated equipment in factory.

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