Digital Entertainment

When it comes to digital entertainment, modern technology has lots to offer. From digital gaming, sleepless casinos, to smart electronic devices, games go on 24/7 and therefore require uttermost stability and reliability. With games where large amounts of funds may be involved, data security is equally vital.

Continual operation to keep the fun going

System stability and reliability are crucial to ensure uninterrupted operation of entertainment applications and display of digital contents. Transcend’s Intelligent Power Shield (IPS) prolongs data write time in the event of sudden power cut, enhancing data transfer reliability. Temperature control of gaming applications that are on all the time is also crucial. Wide Temperature technology allows devices to operate reliably in extreme temperatures. Thermal Sensor allows the device to monitor temperature changes and avoid damage caused by overheating.

Data secured and protected

In digital entertainment, both money and clients’ personal data are involved. To keep data secured, Transcend’s memory cards include a Write Protect switch to prevent data from being stolen or tampered with. ATA Security Commands offer password protection, adding yet another level of security to memory cards and SSDs. In addition, SSDs compliant with TCG Opal 2.0 Specifications allow for password protection and hierarchical storage management, meaning only authorized users may access data on a device they have added password protection to; this minimizes the chance of data being stolen, altered, or lost.

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